Detail of Members:

SEED Organization has different type of memberships in its organizational structure. SEED Organization welcome all kind of members / Individuals to join hand togather for a change in a society. SEED does not contribute to any cause that consist lobby, or in any way support political and religiouse candidates or issues. A membership is not for the sake of misuse the plateform of this organization against any criminal, terrorist and any other kind of activity that goes to against the law and regulations of this country. SEED Organization provide a platform for everyone to gather and resolve the society issues by contributing litter from everyone

1. Governing Body

A Governing Body of SEED Organization considering the top management of this organization consisting President/CEO, Vice President, General Secretary, Fanance Secretary, Press & Information Secretary, Joint Secretary and executive member. They are the basic members of this organization who is responsible for all the affairs of Administration, Management, Financial and Press affairs. Any other member registered under Executive Member can be a governing body members. A governing body members are the ellected members and right to ellect other members. Member of the Governing Body of SEED Organization has reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership in case of any violations against the policy. Membership fee is aplicabe to all member as per rules.

2. Board Of Advisors

Member of the Board of Advisors are ellected by the BOG (Board of Governors) as per policy and crieteria. Member of BOA are professionals, Educationist, Business Sectors, Social Workers, Doctors, Engineers and dignities from governmental sector and Arm Forces. A list of BOA`s can be found here....

3. Executive Members

Executive Member can be individual, students, social workers or any other. Executive member are paid members and they have right to ellect members for Governing Body of this organization. A membership will remain active for one year. A membership must be renewed every year before its expiration date as would be mentioned on the membership card of this organization. A membership can be cancelled and dismiss on account of voilation of the rules and regulations of the organization. A list of the members can be found here.....

4. Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of any organization to achieve its objective. SEED offer free basic membership for the volunteers who wish to start their career in development sector and want to work for a positive change in a society. SEED Offer its free membership to its volunteers. Due to basic membership, Volunteers has no right to vote. A list of volunteers can be found here..... SEED reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership related to violations of this policy.

5. Become a Member

Becoming a member of this organization, you are required to select a cause in which you are interest to offer your services. A form will be evaluate by the committee of the concerned members and they will make their decision regarding acceptance or rejection. Note: SEED reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership related to violations of this policy.

6. Membership Form

A form can be demanded by sending email at After receiving form, please fill complete form and send back to us for final evaluation. A fee can be deposited into a bank. After successful acceptance of the membership, A membership card will be dispatched to the designated mail adress. For further information, please feel free to contact us at